Test a group or proteins for the significance of their co-regulation in human cell types and tissues

The analysis is based on protein abundance levels from ProteomicsDB . Correlations are shown as clustered heatmap and as graph to reveal potential co-regulated protein subgroups (figures on the left). These can be compared to protein-protein interactions in STRING . Grey scale sidebars and vertices depict significance values for each protein (see also table below). Figures in the right box show protein abundances across cell types. Legends for the coloring are available in the box below (click on the Tabs Proteins/Cell types). Protein weights according to factor analysis are given by line width. You can investigate arbitrary protein groups (max. 30) or select one of the protein complexes from CORUM .
Please cite our paper when using the app. Links to data files and source code are vailable by clicking on the question mark in the upper right corner.